Thursday, February 09, 2012

It's time this law was enforced, full stop!


The thought of men, who are ostensibly not sexually active, dictating what sexual practices women may employ is offensive enough, but their pontification from high horses that employers must not be required to provide equal access to healthcare benefiting women (read contraception), while remaining stonily silent as those same employers provide healthcare policies that include coverage for Viagra and Cialis, is fairly dripping with irony. Depaul, America’s largest Catholic university has been complying with this law for ten years without a peep, as are many other such institutions in 28 states.

This is an issue of labor law, not religion. If a religious institution decides they don’t want to provide workers compensation, or comply with minimum wage, or child labor laws should we say, Let’s find a compromise? I think not. The administration must stand firm on behalf of America's women.

It’s time religious institutions respected the separation of church and state. It's time to enforce the healthcare law, full stop.

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