Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The tragedy of the 21st century is that women and girls are being victimized all over the world at the hands of men. In the future I refuse to vote for, support, or associate in any way, with men who:

1) don't trust women to manage their own bodies & reproductive systems,
2) prevent girls & women from being educated,
3) refuse to use condoms or make them available anywhere in the world, and
4) traffic in sex slavery in any way.

Bottom line, if you're male and don't support full human rights for women and girls, get out of my face!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fossil fuel is so 2oth century.

Every time we import a barrel of oil we contribute to the economies of countries we disagree with. Many of them support terrorism.

We have the capability to build alternative technologies that would:
a) move people about,
b) power electricity, and
c) heat and cool buildings.

What are we waiting for?
American industry has learned that the cost of healthcare should not be their responsibility but lacks the gonades to say that to the administration/congress.

The U.S. could provide single payer healthcare coverage for every American by simply expanding Medicare to cover everyone - including vision, dental, prescription drugs, and medical costs of worker's comp. The cost would likely not exceed the total amount our country is pouring into a mish mash of private and public initiatives that cover only part of our people and needs.

Medical professionals would continue as private practitioners and would receive payment through the most efficient public program ever devised here in the U.S. and Medicare's administrative fees are less than 2% while the current public and private plans spend fully 1/3 of their revenues on admin.

But that's too rational so we'll continue to muddle along letting medical costs escalate while the average worker's productivity grows, his/her income shrinks, and families resort to bankruptcy to pay for healthcare. Go figure.