Thursday, February 22, 2007

So Dick Cheney thinks Don Rumsfeld was one of the best Sec Def's the U.S. has ever had. Tell me, why would anybody believe anything Dick Cheney has to say given the myriad lies he has told over his 1-1/2 terms as V.P.? He's such a liar that it would laughable if not so tragic.

His lying and influence over the President contributed to, a) The invastion of Iraq and subsequent debacle (read occupation), b) his own enrichment via an improper and unethical relationship with his former employer, and c) a devestating energy policy written by the energy industry at his bidding and to the detrminent of our environment, and fiscal health.

I have thought for some time that he might be suffering from PTSD. I believe he was truly traumatized by the events of 9/11/01 and fearing that the bad guys were out to get him, descended into a paranoid state from whence he began to see the enemy everywhere.

I'd say it's time for Mr. Cheney got help from mental health professionals and, failing that, be brought up on charges. That's right, he should have to answer for his profligate lies and secretive dealings via impreachment proceedings. There is ample evidence to support charges and the American people have the right to be rid of him. And while I agree it may not be possible to get a conviction, given the makeup of the Senate, it is important that his nefarious activities be exposed and the administration stripped of any further plausible deniability. Sunlight cures many ills and this is one that could use a good dose of sunshine.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I am outraged that our President isn't outraged about the mess at Walter Reed. Building 18 should be shuttered and all vets moved away from there immediately. This is just one more example of the administration's incompetence and lack of care for the citizens of this country.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate, very much, how hard Secretary Nicholson is working and especially honor his willingness to talk candidly about the VA's need for more funding. But, he can't possibly do an adequate job unless his boss gives him the support he needs.

The Bush Administration is completely removed from the real world, the one we live in, and seemingly not interested in changing the situation: Our President picked a fight with a bully who wasn't threatening us, committed other's children to fight him, tried to do it on the cheap, and then had the audacity to neglect their care in the aftermath.

If you presented a work performance like that, what would your boss do? S/he would have long since demanded that you clean up your act or fired you. So, why hasn't that happened? Becuase those we hired to monitor his performance were 'sleeping' with him. We tried to head this train wreck off at the pass last November when we changed management in Congress but a ship the size of this country doesn't turn on a dime. It will take years to clean up this mess and, in the meantime, good men and women are paying a horrible price for the CEO's incompetence.

As I see it, the first priority is to get adequate care for the wounded troops caught in the middle of this mess. Some ideas: 1) close Building 18, 2) move all of the wounded to other facilities - private ones, if necessary, 3) provide them with everything they need to reintegrate into society, 4) don't even consider questioning their right to disability payment. Concurrently determine what is actually needed to put things right at Walter Reed and make it happen.

If all of this sounds expensive it's because it will be, and we simply have to suck it up and find the money. I would suggest a tax increase on the wealthy - you know, the ones who got a nice tax break a few years ago so they would invest capital and create jobs. The kinds of jobs that would, ostensibly, generate sufficient taxes to replace those the rich were excused from. It might have worked - eventually - if the CEO hadn't, concurrently, given his buddies a fire-sale price on government.

I just have a few questions for you, Mr. President. Where's your outrage? Why aren't you demanding accountability? What are you going to do to protect the troops you're so willing to send into harm's way? Oh, and DON'T SEND AND MORE TROOPS INTO HARM'S WAY!!!

Step up to the plate, Mr. President. If you really admire Harry Truman model his favorite saying, "The buck stops here."

Thursday, February 15, 2007

In case you missed the interview, John Edwards recently stated that "Don't ask, don't tell" doesn't work and that if he were president he would repeal it. When asked whether he would permit gay and lesbian people to serve openly in the U.S. military he answered, "yes."

When asked whether he believes in equal marriage for gay people he said, "no." He explained that although he believes that gay people should have access to civil unions, his upbringing as a Southern Baptist has rendered him "not there" on equal marriage. I disagree with him but respect his honesty.

Those are some of the reasons I am supporting his bid for the Democratic nomination for President at this time. Other reasons?

1) He has a universal healthcare plan. I would prefer single payer but he, at least, has a plan,
2) He has a comprehensive plan for ending the war in Iraq,
3) He created the "One Corps" which enlists Democrats to take action locally; to make change locally; not to wait for the next Presidential election to turn the country around,
4) He is not afraid to answer questions directly even when the answer may not be favored by many people (see above),
5) He has integrity.

I encourage you to choose a candidate and support him/her. Some of us may switch our support to different candidates before the Democratic Convention next year but if we want to have the best possible candidate representing us in the general election we need to get involved now before someone sucks up all the contribution money and buys the nomination.
So, Tim Hardeway hates "gays." I wouldn't care what he thinks if he didn't have a soapbox from which to bash people like myself. Because he does, I choose to use my own soapbox to say to him,

Tim, in my experience we hate most in others that which we fear most in ourselves. Are you hiding from something in yourself? Just a thought...

For those who haven't seen the story, Tim Hardeway stated on a Miami radio show that he hates gays, and he repeated it, apparently in response to former NBA player John Amaechi coming out.

You can get the story at: or wait long enough and it will hit the national news.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

So, our Mayor dipped his wick in the company inkwell. Crude, I know, but true. I guess it means he's not perfect after all. Go figure.

Actually I was just reading C.W. Nevius' column in the Saturday 2/3/07 Chron titled, "Unforgivable breach of Man Code." I'd like to suggest an alternative headline: "Unforgivable breach of Cave Man Code."

Apparently men all over the Bay Area are bent out of shape because our Mayor had the temerity to have sex with his buddy's wife. They aren't concerned about Ruby (the wife), or about whether it was a relationship between consenting adults. They're simply outraged because Alex Tourk's manhood was called into question. How? Our Mayor breached Cave Man ettiquette by trespassing on Tourk's property. Yep, that's right, his property: his wife.

Come on guys, lighten up. Get over yourselves. It's the 21st Century. Consenting adults have relationships all the time. Some of them are illicit and the fallout can be messy but unless a minor or subordinate was victimized we should be able to chaulk it up to bad judgment on the part of both parties and get on with life.

As for the Rippy-Tourks, what they need is some privacy so they can try to repair their relationship. What say we give it a rest? Move on to issues of import and relevance to the lives of San Franciscans. You know, stuff like a) Why don't we have Wi-Fi yet? b) What's happening with SFPD's overhaul? c) What's the plan for getting these potholes filled? d) How are we going to pay for healthcare for 82,000 people? e) What can I do to help reduce global warming?

I know, it requires that we behave like adults and that's a stretch for some of us. But I have confidence that, given healthy alternatives by the press (both print & electronic), Bay Area adults will find much more important issues to concern themselves with.