Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Elections Count!

Perhaps it is time to note that our votes do count! Just ask the voters of Ohio.

Gov. John Kasich was elected amid a Tea Party surge that brought into office people whom they thought would provide a correction to the direction of their state. Guess what, it did!

Unfortunately, Kasich indulged in overreach and yesterday Ohio's voters told him, Whoa now, Gov., when we said we wanted a correction we didn't mean we wanted over-correction.

But Gov. Kasich didn't pass SB5 (a law that would have stripped Ohio's public employees of virtually all their collective bargaining rights) by himself. The State Legislators that Buckeyes elected last year passed the bill and Kasich gladly signed it.

If this isn't a lesson in civics I don't know what is. It tells us that elections do count. It says, Pay attention to what candidates are saying, and what they mean. If they say they want to make a change, look behind that statement. What kind of change would they make?

Don't vote for a candidate simply because they promise to change your state. Be certain you are choosing a candidate who will bring the kind of change that will benefit you and your state.

Remember, elections count!

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