Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Obama Has to Fight to Win

Drew Westin, professor of psychiatry and psychology at Emory University, posted a brilliant analysis of the Obama campaign on today's Huffington Post. I recommend you read it (click on title above) and then send it to the Obama campaign. I've done so and the more they get this message the more likely they are to internalize it: You can't bring a knife to a gun fight and win!

I voted for Barack Obama because I want a new kind of government. Unfortunately we may have to use old politics to win so let's just get over the idea that genteel politics work and get tough! The one advantage a Hillary Clinton candidacy would have had over Obama is that she knows how to street fight and isn't afraid to do so.

Obama needs to stop putting John Kerry on television to represent him and he needs to get a quick response team. Negative attacks should not be allowed to survive even one news cycle. Every time the McCain campaign puts out a negative and/or false attack there should be an immediate response in kind and Obama should follow it up on the stump! Failure to do so will consign us to the ash heap of defeat and we CAN NOT afford to lose!

So send a link to Drew Westin's column to the Obama campaign (, post it on your blog, email it to your friends and family... You get the idea. Obama believes in grass roots movements so let's give him one. Now let's get going!

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