Wednesday, June 04, 2008

An Open Letter to Senator Obama

Senator Obama, I voted for you in the California Primary and want to weigh in on the VP selection.

As I see it, Sen. Clinton is not worthy of the honor, nor would she be a good Vice President. To wit: her campaign held a rally last night in a room two floors below street level where no cell phone or television reception were available. Then her campaign chair proceeded to introduce her as "the next president of the United States." It's clear the intent was to shelter the people in the room from the final results of the SD and MT primaries so that she could make a speech that seemed logical to them. As a result they cheered her on to Denver as she refused even to congratulate you on an historic achievement, being the first African American to earn the Presidential nomination of a major political party, and then seemed to be negotiating a spot on the ticket via the press. Not a good idea.

Her performance was disgraceful and should demonstrate clearly what sort of president or vice president she would have been: one who is willing to hoodwink Americans in order to achieve her ends. It's frightening to think that she would have become the next president if you had not happened along. I am sad because I believe the way she has run her campaign and the disappointing way she has responded to losing has set back feminism.

Senator, I am a 69 year old white lesbian; an unapologetic, unreconstructed, modern feminist who wants to vote for a woman for president before I die and yet I voted for you because I could see that you were the better choice. I yearn for the bottom-up, consensus building approach to government that I believe you espouse and want nothing to do with the top-down, secretive, ego driven government that I perceive Sen. Clinton represents.

I urge you to look elsewhere for a vice presidential running mate and offer a quote to guide you. The late Jimi Hendrix once said, "Knowledge talks, wisdom listens." Please seek a person who shares your willingness to listen.

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  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I just read that Hillary will end her campaign by the end of the week.