Sunday, June 03, 2012

Individual vs Communitarian Thinking

. We currently have a difference of opinion about individual vs communitarian thinking in our country. It is a legitimate difference and one that deserves discussion at a time when individual thinking led us to the current condition of our economy. It stems from short-term vs long-term planning. Our economy has morphed into one where making money on money is its primary focus (short-term planning). It ensures that individuals may be able to gain wealth but ignores the infrastructure that those individuals use to do so while arguing they should not contribute equally to the maintenance of that infrastructure. I posit that a healthier scenario would be to rebuild the broader economy, including manufacturing and service industries other than financial (long-term planning); one where all people contribute equally to, and benefit equally from, that infrastructure. And that infrastructure would include not just roads, bridges, a strong military, modern power grids, etc, but also healthcare for all, strong public education, affordable child care, and other programs that encourage and ensure that we have a strong middle class; one that spends and creates its own jobs. What do you think? .

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