Friday, April 30, 2010

Things I Might Not Have Known If I Hadn't Watched the Final Edition of Bill Moyer's Journal

You can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, or you can have democracy. You can't have both. ~ Justice Louis Brandeis

Democracy only works if we claim it as our own. ~ Bill Moyers

Everybody does better when everybody does better. ~ Jim Hightower's Dad

The Republicans work for Wall St. and the Democrats are afraid to work against them. ~ a friend of Bill Moyers'

We might not all have come over on the same boat but we're in the same boat now. ~ Jesse Jackson

Karl Rove: The guy who puts the guber in gubernatorial. ~ Jim Hightower

The agitator is the center post in the washing machine that gets the dirt out. We need a lot more agitators. ~ Jim Hightower

Nature is the full expression of life. ~ Barry Lopez

Some people are hard to love. ~ Bill Moyers

Tonight I watched the final edition of Bill Moyers' Journal. As I heard him close the broadcast with "See you around," a tear came to my eye. I will miss him. ~ Me

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