Saturday, January 23, 2010

Random Thoughts, Bon Mots

Conservatives govern badly & conclude that government is bad.
Conservatives vote their fears. Liberals vote their dreams.
Republicans obstruct. Democrats accommodate.

Our president is playing tennis. The Republicans are playing hardball.
Your enemies are either at your feet or at your throat.

The administration "...doesn't want a left it can't control. That's why they got rid of Howard Dean," says Eric Alterman.
When Howard Dean was chairman of the DNC, Democrats won special elections.

If you aren't eligible to vote you shouldn't be allowed to contribute to political campaigns.
Keep the U.S. Supreme Court in mind when you choose a president.

Successful negotiators don't begin by placing the result they believe they can achieve on the table.
If you want to negotiate meaningful healthcare reform you don't begin by stating that single-payer is off the table.

Journalism isn't taking dictation; it's asking serious questions & investigating to determine the veracity of the answers. The mainstream media (MSM) doesn't do journalism any more.

If you want to win in American politics you control the message.
The number of times the current Speaker of the House has appeared on Meet the Press? Zero
The number of times Newt Gingrich has appeared on Meet the Press? Too many to count.
If Democrats want to win the support of the American voter they have to get in the game.

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