Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Americans Who've Used Canada's Health-Care System Respond to Current Big-Lie Media Campaign

We've probably all heard or seen reports of how horrible the Canadian "socialist" health care system is. Well, I'm here to tell you it's all a bunch of b.s. Just read for yourself about how Canadians fiercely defend their system.

Click on the link above to learn about a) Americans who have lived in Canada and used the system, and b) Canadian natives who use and love their single-payer health care system.

Then remember it the next time you see or hear an attack on the sanest and least expensive model that guarantees health care for all: single-payer.

Now, keep it in mind when considering that our president is attempting to include a "public plan" in his healthcare reform bill. He's not advocating for single-payer - although I wish he would. He's simply asking for an option that will offer healthcare coverage to people who don't have a plan, or who can't afford any plans currently being offered. All others will be able to keep the plan they have, or buy any other plan they may want.

Unless we include a public option in this package we simply won't achieve reform; for-profit insurance companies won't have sufficient incentive to trim their costs/prices. So contact your congressmember and senators and demand that they support a healthcare reform bill that includes a public option.

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  1. Single payer is the only reform that makes sense. Trying to placate the insurance companies is like getting in bed with dogs and hoping you are not attacked by the fleas--but you know it will happen. Obama should moderate on the "paperless plan" because it severs a link between doctor and patient that computerization does not fill. I think it has more to do with malpractice and a paper trail.