Thursday, October 16, 2008

No Woman Should Be Forced to Have a Baby!

It is my firm conviction that when talking about a woman's right to control her own reproductive rights we MUST assert that termination of a pregnancy is a private, medical, personal matter; that NO government should have the right to force a woman in America to have a baby.

John McCain's sneering, snide, reference to "a woman's health" when expressing his opposition to late term abortion in the last presidential debate was the last straw. We have to take control and seek to get government out of this issue. I urge everyone who reads this to get busy and educate the American public about this bottom line issue.

Nobody in this country would question a man's right to control his reproductive rights. It should be the same for women. Women must have the right to control their own bodies.

We have to stop accepting the right wing's language when discussing the termination of a pregnancy. The issue is not whether a woman should have a right to an abortion. It is whether a woman should be forced to have a baby. Women's health and, in particular, reproductive health must be returned to its rightful place in our society; to the private realm.

This issue is non-negotiable. Return a woman's reproductive health to her own control or we will launch a campaign to abridge a man's right to the same.

If you are reading this and you agree with me, let your congress members know it. Better yet, send a copy of this letter to them with a note saying you agree.


  1. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Yes, the right to choose for women. What sanctions can be imposed on men?

  2. HA, I wonder how conservatives would like the idea of forced vasectomies, or required deposits at sperm banks for the "public good." Or how about, since a man has now carried a baby, that a men be required by law to carry their own offspring if the woman in question doesn't choose to or have the necessary health to do so! Let's open that up and make it everyone's responsibility.

  3. Anonymous9:21 AM

    I agree, a woman's health is her own responsibility, government be damned. However, whose responsibility is it to protect the rights of the unborn? There are two lives to be protected, fiercely.

    What frustrates me to tears is the murder taking place at time of partial birth abortions. If a preemptive birthing needs to take place to save the mother's life, so be it, but give the fetus a chance at life, why murder it?