Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wife Beating OK; Dog Fighting Not So OK

Here's an interesting piece by Nick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle. It makes a good point that could be made stronger if it recognized the wife beating that pervades professional sports. It's not unusual to read of a professional athlete who was convicted of beating his wife but I can only recall one instance of a league taking notice - a $600 fine and two game suspension for Ron Artest of the Sacramento Kings. Oh but he got a 72 game suspension for fighting fans in the stands. Guess you have to hit your wife during the game to get the league's attention. And how would that work?

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  1. Anonymous1:16 PM

    I used to be a strong fan of pro sports; however, somewhere along the line I have soured on most of it. Money attracts "groupies" and some marry out of lust without respect for the woman only to regret it later on and respond violently to any perceived slight to their immense egos--Machismo. Unfortunately, others without the press clippings respond similarly without fanfare. Other societies are even worse-rotten world.